Athlete (in Quarantine) Spotlight: Nikki Foster

It’s a strange and uncertain time in our world right now. Here at Crossfit Gallatin, we’re trying to focus on things in life we can control. Getting our blog started and highlighting our amazing athletes was one thing on our agenda. Although our interview questions aren’t exactly what we pictured when discussing these posts a few weeks back, they are very timely to the circumstances around us. We’ll call this our first “Quarantine Spotlight.”

This week’s spotlight athlete is Nikki Foster. She’s been an athlete at Crossfit Gallatin with her husband, Garrett, since January 2018. You may know her for her wagon riding kiddos, meal preppin’ social media posts or her positive, uplifting attitude towards her fellow athletes.

Nikki Foster after a 5k run

Here’s how Nikki is coping with quarantine and staying at home:

How have you adapted your daily routine while staying at home?

I am still meal prepping lunches and breakfasts and cooking dinner every night, and I am also making sure I am carving out time to work out around the same time each day. Also, I use my “lunch break” to step away and go for a walk.

Meal Prep for the Week

What’s something that keeps you motivated to keep your fitness/nutrition regimen during this time? 

I want to come out of this stronger than when I started. I think it is easy to get into bad habits or be tempted to slack off during hard times, but I am the opposite. The struggle makes me push harder.

How have you adapted to at-home workouts from the previous programming?

Thanks to CrossFit Gallatin, I am able to receive pretty personalized modifications if I have questions and they are catering the workouts for people to be able to do them at home. It is also helpful that we were able to borrow some equipment from the gym.

Working Out with the Kids

What’s your biggest “win” this week? Any struggles?

I feel like my biggest Win for the week was staying consistent and working out every day. Honestly, I was super sore from some of these workouts and it actually encouraged me to push harder, because I know it is working. I would say staying consistent with sleep is my biggest struggle. I am staying up later than I should because I know I do not have to get up as early. Instead of getting more rest, I am watching Netflix.

Today's Workout

Do you have some specific goals/skills you’re working on currently?

I am on a weight loss journey. I have been on this journey for a little over 2 years. Overall, I have lost 83 pounds to date and still have about 100 more I would like to lose. Health and sustainability is my long term goal. Short term I would love to improve my Murph time in May and get a pull up in 2020.

Nikki Foster Weight Loss Journey

What are you excited for most once the quarantine is lifted?!

Going back to the gym and seeing my friends. I am being successful so far working out at home but I thrive in the class environment. I miss my accountability partners and supporters, but I mostly just miss my buds. Also, I am looking forward to going to the grocery store and being able to buy what I need instead of making due because people are hoarding things! 

Grocery Haul

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