Unexpected Circumstances

I think that a majority of us take most things that we have for granted, without even realizing it. When I say most things, I mean things like: a handshake when introducing yourself to someone new, a smile when seeing your friend out in public, being able to walk into the gym and high-five all […]

Meet the Coaches: Shelby

Hey, friends! As your newest coach at Crossfit Gallatin, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself. I started doing Crossfit in high school with my mom and a few friends. While I’d participated in many different sports (literally everything from cheerleading to swimming) throughout school, I never found something I was passionate about […]

Athlete (in Quarantine) Spotlight: Nikki Foster

It’s a strange and uncertain time in our world right now. Here at Crossfit Gallatin, we’re trying to focus on things in life we can control. Getting our blog started and highlighting our amazing athletes was one thing on our agenda. Although our interview questions aren’t exactly what we pictured when discussing these posts a […]