Unexpected Circumstances

I think that a majority of us take most things that we have for granted, without even realizing it. When I say most things, I mean things like: a handshake when introducing yourself to someone new, a smile when seeing your friend out in public, being able to walk into the gym and high-five all your workout buddies, and even being able to share the community chalk bucket in the middle of the gym. 😉

Since COVID-19, things have changed drastically for many of us, myself included. Adapting to our current circumstances has become necessary, and making the most out of every situation has become critical to our health and well-being. There are two mindsets we can have when faced with unexpected circumstances during this time- throw in the towel and get upset that we don’t have access to our “normal” routines, or seize the opportunity that we have to find the positives amongst the uncomfortable and unknown. To no surprise, finding the positives amongst the uncomfortable and unknown prove to make us more well-rounded and resilient humans. Being well-rounded and resilient not only contribute to being “better” humans but also contribute to growth in our faith AND our fitness.

Things seem to be returning to a “new” normal around the world. Movie theatres might not ever sell out tickets for a full audience, cruise ships might not ever reach full capacity, you might have to bring your own bag of chalk to the gym, class sizes at your local CrossFit box might be capped at a safer (smaller) number, and traveling out of the country might look a little different for awhile. If this overwhelms you, I ask you to look at the POSITIVES of each of these scenarios. You might get a whole row to yourself at the movie theatre, a nice beach vacation with your family might be in order as opposed to a cruise to the Bahamas, you could find a really cute personalized chalk bag, you will receive more one-on-one coaching in a smaller group setting, and you might even be able to save some money by putting travel plans on hold for awhile! 

We ALL have the power to make the most out of every situation we are in, even if it seems small or insignificant. For example: eating a veggie with every meal, going on a 15-minute walk, drinking more water than normal, or showing up to the gym even if it’s at a different class time than normal. I am currently making the most out of the situation that I’m in since I’m out of town in a different state (which caught me WAY off guard)! I don’t have access to my normal routines- coaching classes at the gym, paying strict attention to my food intake, or having access to a gym/gym equipment. But INSTEAD of throwing in the towel, I’m making the MOST out of this situation. I’m eating veggies with every meal, I’m still aiming to drink a gallon of water per day, I’m still going on a daily walk, and I’m STILL exercising. Exercising looks a bit different right now (using lots of water bottles and jugs as weights, running a little more than normal, and utilizing my body weight), but I’m still doing it. 

So next time you’re thrown into a situation where your circumstances and routines are a little different than normal, I challenge you to try to find the positives around you, trust the plan, and still make the most out of it. Hopefully, we aren’t thrown into another world-wide pandemic anytime soon, but maybe if we are, we will be prepared to tackle it with a much better mindset and come out much more resilient than before. 


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